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Those who Don’t know me I am AkashRoxStarz, Third Year B-tech Computer science Student. I am Certified Ethical hacker,Security Researcher,Pentester And Part time bug hunter.This is my First blog post I am gonna share with you” UNION based SQL injection+ WAF Bypass — ->Admin panel login

What is SQLI?

An SQL injection attack is one of the most frequently occurring web hacking prevalent today, whereas an attacker uses web page inputs to insert a malicious code in SQL statements. …


Hi, It's Akashroxstarz again! Today’s blog is about How I founded a Blind Boolean-based SQL injection on a VPD program, and How I exploited it! I will share the techniques and cheatsheet for a Clear understanding :)





Hi, AkashRoxstarz Again! This Blog is about the “Impact of Installing Third-party Apps in your Phone” so I will share a real incident That happened two Weeks before To my Friend When He Installed a Third-Party app on his phone which had a backdoor and Finally How we Identified it and Recovered it. so before wasting any time.

Akash Rox Starz

Security Researcher||Ethical Hacker||Penetration Tester||Try Hack me||Bug bounty hunter||

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