Top 5 Best Books for Bug Bounty Hunting 📖

Bug Bounty!

Hi! It’s Akashroxstarz again, Today’s blog is about the best 5 books for bug bounty Hunters, So let us get started now :)

  1. Web Hacking 101

Author Peter Yaworski-Web hacking 101 is best for all bug bounty hunters from beginners to advanced, This Book has numerous HackerOne reports, for all types of bugs and Flaws and Best Book for all security researchers 👍

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook This book is My personal favorite 😍, Hands-on experience to hunt flaws will be Unique and Its the best book for beginners



The Hacker Playbook is the most popular book among bug bounty hunting!


PS: If you want the PDF copy of the above books you can DM me :)

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